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The Importance of Physical Activity for Overall Health: A Comprehensive Guide

Let’s start with the simple act of breathing. We essentially need oxygen to breathe and without taking these breaths of air, our bodies most definitely will not function.


I once had a conversation with a dear friend of mine about how necessary an active lifestyle is for all. It was a simple, yet stimulating phrase: “Exercise is like physical meditation” with an emphasis on the act of breathing and the mental clarity that is brought to you afterwards.


Think about it: When you are moving, whether it is walking, jogging, doing Pilates or yoga, resistance training, etc., you are taking many breaths as your body is using up the energy you have stored. Your heart is pumping, and blood is flowing. After doing the hard, strenuous work that is ultimately challenging to bring ourselves to do, you feel energized and clear-headed after a workout. People describe a “runner’s high” as a euphoric feeling post-run. This feeling is caused by hormones, or chemicals, called endorphins that release from the brain helping alleviate any stress that builds up during your days or week.


Moreover, our bodies are designed for movement. A sedentary lifestyle is when a person sits all day on the couch or sleeps excessively, and this can be detrimental to our health. The more you move your body and engage in physical activity, the healthier and stronger you become–not just physically but mentally as well. Being physically active helps prevent disease, such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular (heart) problems, excessive weight gain, etc.


Next time you think twice about taking a walk or run, or not being able to make it to the gym, just think of how impactful simple movements can be over a period of time. Don’t think too much about what your social media influencers’ workouts look like, it does not have to be so difficult and complex to follow. Movements like stretching, mobility exercises, strength training exercises like squats and shoulder press, Low-Intensity Steady-State (LISS) cardio and running can go a long way for you physically. Start with appreciating what your body does for you, and in turn, what you are doing for your body by just getting up to move.








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